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NVC Consultants Latest EIS Investment Opportunities

Film and Television: Investor Opportunity

British Film and TV projects at an advanced production stage. These investment products offer commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low/controllable costs, various additional benefits and a sound financial structure.

Health and Wellbeing: Investor Opportunity

Medicaleaf Ltd represents a shared vision to improve the quality of life for those suffering from pain. With the goal of creating a recognisable global consumer brand, becoming firmly associated with nature’s wellness and maintaining a philanthropic and profitable approach.

Looking to Maximise your Financial Position?

For investors seeking to maximise their financial position, NVC Consultants offer a number of excellent EIS and SEIS investment opportunities providing various tax reliefs for UK tax payers.

Developed by the UK Government to encourage both high-risk and start-up investment, the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) benefits both investors and businesses.

Although similar, both government schemes have some differences. While EIS is aimed at raising capital for business growth, SEIS is designed to raise capital for start-ups.

Suitable for direct investors and those managed through a fund or portfolio service, both EIS and SEIS offer incentives with a range of benefits and tax reliefs. Click here to visit the HMRC website and learn more.

  • Upfront income tax relief backdated to the previous year.
  • Capital gains tax deferral available to individuals and trustees.
  • No capital gains tax to pay on gains made three years after realising the investment.
  • Tax relief from disposed EIS investment losses offset against capital gains or income.
  • Complete inheritance tax exemption allowing you to share your wealth among your beneficiaries without penalty.

High Growth Potential

Although every investment carries risk, alongside the opportunity to advance your portfolio in companies with a high growth potential, these tax breaks form an agreeable combination for investors.

NVC Consultants offers a selection of carefully vetted and ethical EIS investment opportunities with a focus on socioeconomics, health and wellbeing.

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