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Playing a valuable role in the UK economy, the British film and TV industry continues to thrive and boasts huge talent. Supported by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), the UK was also well represented across the 2020 Oscar Academy Awards.

Investing in independent film and television projects can offer generous returns. The benefits of which extend far beyond the sale of box-office tickets. These include:

  • DVD sales
  • TV broadcasting licenses
  • Licensing for online platforms
  • Revenue from merchandise

Moreover, film and television can continue to generate returns for many years after release.

The chance to be a part of the magic is another perk of many film and television investment opportunities. In some cases, your investment entitles you to appear as an extra, attend premières and red-carpet events. Even for your name to appear in the credits at the end of the film.

As well as the potential for high returns, long-term earnings and a close encounter with show business, investing in British TV and the British film industry can also offer a range of tax-relief incentives and benefits.

Offering investment opportunities for independent film and television projects that are primarily at an advanced stage, NVC Consultants specifically choose projects with commercial appeal and a sound financial structure.

Current film and television investment opportunities with NVC Consultants.

Film: The Laureate


The true story of Robert Graves. This globally renowned author and icon was married when he began an intense and torrid love affair with writer and museLaura Riding.

In the style of The Postman Always Rings Twice, Henry and June and The Last Tango in Paris, The Laureate is a passionate and unflinching tale of sexual awakening, obsession, and jealousy.

The film is to be produced by Deya Productions, alongside Subotica Films. It is written and directed by William
Nunez, an award-winning writer/director.


Julian Glover , Patricia Hodge, Tom Hughes, Laura Haddock, Dianna Agron

If you would like investor information on this production, please contact us for the Investor Memorandum

The Contractors

A television series (60 minutes x 13) focussing on the life and times of private security contractors in hot spots and war zones around the world. Originating from a variety of backgrounds, we take a personal look into some very complicated characters.

The production of this series will include unprecedented access to secure areas and intelligence with inside connections at the highest levels. The production is 100% secured, while having all the authenticity of real soldiers and private contractors.

Written and directed by Marcus Warren, his first feature, The Heavy was a multi-million-dollar production staring many award-winning actors, including Christopher Lee, Vinnie Jones, Gary Stretch, Shannyn Sossoman and Stephen Rea.

If you would like investor information on this production, please contact us for the Investor Memorandum.

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